Tae Park

Tae Park

Research and Development

“As customer needs are changing, we are also changing. We learn to adapt. We’re not afraid to try new things and try new technology.”

— Tae Park

Tae is an experienced leader with a track record of solving problems using innovative solutions. His unique background leading global R&D and operation organizations from strategy, to planning, to systematic execution make him a valuable asset to Datacolor. Tae also takes immense pride in his ability to recruit top talent and build high-performance teams.

Experience + Success

  • 12 years as the CTO and VP of R&D
  • Under Tae’s leadership, Datacolor color scientists applied for 80 patents worldwide and were awarded more than half
  • The research and development team designed and built 40 new hardware products and 14 new software releases with Tae’s guidance
team members sitting at table matching colors

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