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Product end of life

End of Life Management

We are committed to the goal that our products should never end up in a landfill

Datacolor’s commitment to environmental stewardship extends from product development through product end-of-life/disposition, with the goal that our products should never end up in a landfill. Below are guidelines regarding the recycling/disposition of our products and packaging.

Cardboard Packaging

The cardboard packaging our products come in is 100% recyclable. Make sure to remove any interior packing materials such as Styrofoam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc., before recycling cardboard packaging, and follow your local recycling guidelines.


Because they contain various hazardous materials, including heavy metals and acids, batteries can cause serious environmental harm if not discarded properly. Battery disposal laws can vary greatly across regions and municipalities, so check your local government website for regulations and options for proper disposal which can include recycling facilities, hazardous waste facilities, or designated drop-off sites in your community. Be sure to properly store and care for used batteries before you dispose of them to minimize the risk of fire and dangerous chemical leaks.

Industrial Products

Time to replace or dispose of one of our industrial products? Simply contact your sales representative for more details.

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