Yazid Tohme

Yazid Tohme

Research and Development
“Building a culture of innovation is crucial for a technology business to grow and thrive. A culture that promotes creativity and empowers employees to take calculated risks and experiment with new ideas to improve products, services and processes is what I aim for.”

— Yazid Tohme

Yazid joined Datacolor in 2022 as the Executive Vice President of R&D and Operations. Prior to joining the company, Yazid served in multiple R&D leadership roles and specialized in everything from 3D measurement instruments and electro-optical products to ultra-precision machining systems. His experience leading R&D teams and developing innovative products makes him a wonderful addition to Datacolor.

Experience + Success

  • 20+ years of engineering experience
  • 17+ active US patents for a range of technologies
  • Focused on designing disruptive hardware and software products
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