Seamless Integration for Color Accuracy & Efficiency

Colibri® Color Management Software

Unifying color across the entire supply chain has never been easier with Colibri Color Management Software. From brand owners and designers to material manufacturers, our comprehensive solution ensures color precision, efficiency, and consistency.

Connecting the color supply chain

Globalization, and with it the creation of global brands, has highlighted the importance of color communication. There is growing demand for efficient, accurate and consistent color management in all media, including paints, inks and plastics. Providing manufacturers with physical color standards helps them to reproduce colors, but this gives rise to new issues: physical standards take time to produce and distribute, are costly to prepare, tend to age and are easily misplaced. And brand colors eventually drift away from agreed global standards. Color digitalization and communication using a common format are the only way forward.

Colibri and our expertise will help you design, specify, produce, manage and control brand colors at every stage in the global color supply chain.

One common cloud platform

Streamline color management workflow.

Colibri offers a one-platform cloud solution with a single central database, allowing fast access to shared data and seamless color communication. Its modular design enables you to add and customize features to suit your specific application and industry needs.

Modules include:

Bring your color processes to the next level of accuracy, collaboration, and efficiency.

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