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Datacolor 45IR: Handheld Fraud Detection Solution

The handheld Datacolor 45IR spectrophotometer measures the color of security inks and stops banknote fraud in its tracks.

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Designed for quality control and formulation of security ink and secure documents, the Datacolor 45IR is a unique portable 3-in-1 solution that combines a spectrophotometer, VIS-NIR spectroscopic sensor and a densitometer.

The 45IR comes with unique features designed specifically for color management, formulation and inspection in the printing of secure documents where color control is critical and banknote fraud protection is paramount.

Benefits of Datacolor 45IR:

  • 3-in-1 colorimetric, NIR and densitometer functionality
  • Printing industry standard 3mm aperture and 0/45 geometry
  • Spectral range of 380-1100mm
  • High repeatability and inter-instrument agreement ensures total confidence in your results
  • Seamless integration with Datacolor Tools for quality control
  • Seamless integration with Datacolor Match Pigment for formulation needs
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Control the quality of secure documents with confidence

Portable color control and fraud protection

The 45IR was designed with the exacting requirements of the security ink and secure documents industries in mind. This portable spectrophotometer can handle high usage with full confidence and ease of use in bank note fraud detection departments.

45IR’s patented measuring head ensures precise positioning for accurate readings. Its extensive onboard functionality is displayed on a large LCD that allows for quick review of color data, Metamerism index, whiteness, yellowness, and pass/fail tolerance averaging.

Easily communicate data from the 45IR to your computer via USB connection.

The device’s efficient power management allows for approximately 10,000 measurements before needing to be recharged.

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Control and protect confidently with the 45IR.

Discover how to 45IR can help you protect against fraud.

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“I have known and worked with Datacolor for almost 25 years…and we as a company are fully satisfied. It is a testament to what can be accomplished if everyone works together as a team, regardless which country or continent they are in.”

Dominique Baeni
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Control color quality and detect fraud with the Datacolor 45IR

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