Benchtop Spectrophotometers

Spectro 700 Family

High precision benchtop spectrophotometer at an affordable price

Designed to increase efficiency and confidence in color formulation and quality control, the Spectro 700 delivers high performance at a cost effective price point. 

If you are budget constrained but still need to accurately specify, formulate and control colors, the Datacolor Spectro 700 Spectrophotometer is designed for you. 

With five available configurations, the Spectro 700 can support many different applications:

  • Standard front facing Spectro 700
  • Spectro 700 UV with UV filtering for special applications like optically brightened whites or fluorescent materials
  • Spectro 700V vertical versions for measuring unusual sample size or type
  • Spectro 700V UV vertical version with UV filtering
  • Spectro 750 for flexible measurement in either reflectance or transmittance mode

Top Datacolor Spectro 700 Benefits:

  • Increases productivity with fast measurement speed and response times
  • Ensures consistency across multiple locations with high inter-instrument agreement
  • Saves time with backward compatibility to Datacolor benchtop instruments
  • Increases operational confidence with sample temperature measurements
  • Ensures your operational confidence with a 5-year warranty*
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Any sophisticated piece of equipment requires routine maintenance and specific conditions to perform at its optimal level. Read this guide Spectrophotometer Best Practices for Accurate Measurements | Datacolor and download the paper for more detailed information.

Check this list to see if your instruments are supported. If you have any questions, please contact your local support team.

No, standards do not need to be re-measured. Existing standards measured on other Datacolor spectrophotometers can be imported and used along with SpectraVision

Inter-instrument agreement refers to how close two or more color measurement instruments (spectrophotometers) of similar model read the same color. Read all about it here: Why should you care about Inter-Instrument Agreement? | Datacolor

Produce confidently with Datacolor Spectro 700

Confidence + quality. The Datacolor difference.

Datacolor Spectro 700 captures the true spectral fingerprint of any color and delivers high quality color measurement results with high inter-instrument agreement.

The versatile Spectro 700 family of instruments is ideal for meeting the formulation and quality control needs of color professionals in textile, paint & coatings, plastics, flooring, furniture, cosmetics, ceramics and other industries.  

The Spectro 700 is accessible for multiple users on a single instrument and is equipped with Internet-connected capabilities that will enable remote services and access to data analytics. 

Talk to a color expert today to see if the Spectro 700 is a good fit for your business.

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Datacolor Spectro 700
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Produce Confidently with Datacolor Spectro 700

Your color challenges matter. Talk to a color expert today to see if Datacolor Spectro 700 is right for you.

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