Benchtop Spectrophotometers

Spectro 1000 Family

Datacolor’s highest precision benchtop Spectrophotometers.

Designed for high efficiency and confidence in color formulation and quality control in textile, plastics, paint, coatings and more, the Spectro 1000 delivers the highest precision in Datacolor’s fleet of benchtop Spectrophotometers.

When high precision and close tolerance are required, trust the Datacolor Spectro 1000 benchtop Spectrophotometers to specify, formulate and control your colors. Experience greater confidence in your measurement performance, with uniform assessment throughout various locations and sample temperature measurement for added assurance.

With four available configurations, the Spectro 1000 can support just about any application:

  • Standard front facing Spectro 1000
  • Vertical downward facing Spectro 1000V for unusual samples as well as for operations requiring high throughput
  • Vertical upward facing Spectro 1000X is ideal for liquid, paste, powder and granular samples
  • Flexible Spectro 1050 for measurement in either reflectance or transmittance mode

Benefits of Spectro 1000 Family:

  • Ensures uniform assessment across multiple locations and throughout the supply chain with industry leading inter-instrument agreement (IIA)
  • Increases productivity with fast measurement speed and response times 
  • Saves time with seamless backward compatibility to other Datacolor benchtop instruments
  • Increases operational confidence with sample temperature measurements 
  • Reduces measurement error with fool-proof sample placement positioning camera and LCD
  • Ensures operational confidence with an included 5-year warranty* 
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Inter-instrument agreement refers to how close two or more color measurement instruments (spectrophotometers) of similar model read the same color. Read all about it here: Why should you care about Inter-Instrument Agreement? | Datacolor

Any sophisticated piece of equipment requires routine maintenance and specific conditions to perform at its optimal level. Read this guide Spectrophotometer Best Practices for Accurate Measurements | Datacolor and download the paper for more detailed information.

To provide accurate data, your spectrophotometer needs to be well-maintained. This includes calibrating it daily, at the start of a shift, or before beginning any important measurement job. Here’s what you need to know about calibration tiles: How to Store, Use and Clean Your Calibration Tiles | Datacolor

Check this list to see if your instruments are supported. If you have any questions, please contact your local support team.

Measure confidently with Datacolor Spectro 1000

Confidence + quality. The Datacolor difference.

Built for global teams, Datacolor Spectro 1000 benchtop spectrophotometer captures the true spectral fingerprint of any color, delivers the highest quality color measurement results with industry-leading inter-instrument agreement.

The versatile Spectro 1000 family of instruments is ideal for customers requiring the highest level of consistency across the supply chain: retail brands, textile mills, plastic manufacturers, paint and coatings, flooring, furniture, cosmetics and more.

The Spectro 1000 is accessible for multiple users on a single instrument and is equipped with Internet-connected capabilities that will enable remote services and access to data analytics.

Talk to a color expert today to see if the Spectro 1000 is a good fit for your business.


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Datacolor Spectro 1000 Measuring Sample

“The DC Spectro 1000 is a game changer; no more guessing if a user measured a specimen that had properly cooled to ambient temperature”

Dave Ertle
Spectro 1000 Featured Library Resource

Featured Library Resource

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Datacolor Spectro 1000

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Measure Color With Full Confidence with Datacolor Spectro 1000

Your color challenges matter. Talk to a color expert today to see if Datacolor Spectro 1000 is right for you.

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