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Develop new products and match your opaque, translucent and transparent colors accurately and efficiently using one of today’s most advanced color matching algorithms.

Colibri® ColorMatch features and benefits include:

  • A user-friendly, intuitive, and seamless interface
  • Highly efficient matching of opaque, translucent, and transparent colors
  • Recipe calculation on different substrates including metals
  • Variation of resin type as required, using only one colorant library
  • Use of leftover materials, reducing waste and costs
  • Customization of functionality and feature settings to match your application and workflow
  • An integrated expert system, allowing pigment pre-selection according to application requirements
  • Possibility to calculate thousands of recipes containing your specified colorants using pre-defined application or product templates
  • Automatic update of the database with every change in color strength, allowing for color fluctuations in base materials
  • View of your color recipes, catalogues and standard collections in the CIELAB L a b or L C h color space. You can even add multiple color sets and view overlapping color gamuts. The 3D color gamut viewer displays true color hulls and color points
  • Compatibility with a very broad range of spectrophotometers

Colibri ColorMatch allows matching on a wide range of substrates and materials, including connection with Colibri ColorTint for dispensing perfect recipes.

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Solution integration services, includes the development of custom plugins and the connection of the Colibri® platform to hardware (spectrophotometers, balances or weighing equipment) and 3rd party systems. such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Management Information Systems (MIS) and Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS).

The Plugin for Adobe Illustrator extends the scope of the Colibri® software to cover the design stage of color management and communication. Suitable for both creative and pre-press designers, it enables real color selection with unique Colibri® spectral color data for use in designs.
Custom Plugins are available for third party software on request. Contact our Sales Team for more information.

Colibri® ColorQuality enables manufacturers and suppliers to manage and monitor the color of products produced.

Colibri® ColorTint is designed to control the dispensing of color products on tinting machines, whether you are handling; a new order or a repeat, correcting a color or completing an order.

Colibri® ColorMatch enables recipe calculation on different substrates and ensures accurate matching of opaque, translucent and transparent colors as well as of metallic effects.

Colibri® ColorSpec enables creative and prepress designers, brand owners, manufacturers and material producers to use real colors in their artworks, to define color standards for their products, and to communicate brands and designs to their suppliers.

Please contact our Support Team for detailed information.

The Expert System is a powerful feature, which enables the user to guide the software in the formulation selection. Colibri® calculates formulations based on optical data. The expert system allows the user to add other product/ process requirements to the calculation process, such as cost, heat resistance or light fastness etc

There are 4 types of Colibri® templates; Standard, Quality Control (QC), Color Matching and Report Templates.
By creating customized templates will help to simplify your daily work and at the same time increase productivity. For more information contact our Support Team.

Yes, this is possible.

Note: A Colibri® version can only connect to a database created with the same version. If the version is found to be older, you will be prompted to update to the same version.

No, this is usually not necessary. Within the same release (e.g. 3.8.6xxx) the Install Wizard will automatically uninstall the old build/ version.

You can execute both from the “Administration/Database Administration” window.
To back-up a database click on “Start” in the Backup window, then select a folder in which the .cbak file will be saved.
To restore a database; click on “Start” in the “Restore” window, the folder where the .cbak file has been saved will automatically open, then select the file.

Note: Only start the restore, if you want to overwrite the data in the database you are currently connected to.

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Match on a wide range of substrates and materials by Using Colibri ColorMatch

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