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Dyer Color Formulation Software: Match Textile

A powerful formulation and correction software designed to bring confidence and speed to those working in the textile industries, our Match Textile Software provides fast and accurate matches with the lowest-cost recipes for exhaust and continuous dyers alike.

Available as perpetual or annual subscription

Powered by Datacolor’s unique technologies SmartMatch and MatchCOM, and a proprietary collection of advanced color formulation libraries, Datacolor Match Textile enhances accuracy and speed of recipe calculation, providing superior first shot matches.

With Match Textile Software – You Get:

  • Up to 50% less time spent on color formulation with increased first shot matches.
  • 10% fewer new formulations required for the color development process by taking advantage of a recipe archive.
  • Cost optimized ingredients and predefined dyestuff reduce lab dips and eliminate unwanted dyes.
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From the recipe explorer view click on the recipe you would like to correct and press the Lab Correction button in the Tool bar or press F6

Follow these step-by-step guide

Right Click on the spectro icon and choose ’input form’.

See detailed instructions.

Go to the TOOLS menu and click Import or Export.

Read “Import and Export from Match Textile” for more information.

Both Datacolor Match Pigment and Datacolor Match Textile use the Sybase Adaptive Server database management system.

The attached document will explain the different methods that can be used to back up the database.

  • From the main screen Click on the button Dyeprocess
  • You will come into an ‘explorer’ type screen
  • Double Click on the right-hand side or right click and choose
  • Dyeprocess.

Follow these step-by-step information

From the main menu press the “recipe” button and use the following options

  • Match a new standard button in the Tool bar
  • F5
  • Right Click and select Match Option

Follow these step-by-step instructions.

  1. Create a Quality/Style.
  2. Measure in your primaries as color samples.
  3. Create dyestuff names.
  4. Create a dyeprocess.
  5. Create a dyeset.
  6. Add dyes to the dyeset.
  7. Calibrate the dyeings

Follow the step by step information

Click on the button ‘sample’ from the main Datacolor Match Textile shell.

Right click on the right-hand side of the sample window and choose sample from the drop-down list. Follow step-by-step information.

Follow the guide for sample preparation best practices using Match Textile.

Select the task ‘New’ from the menu ‘Colorant set’ and select the colorant set type you would like to create. Follow the step-by-step information.

Less Waste. Higher Throughput.

Fast and accurate color development with Datacolor Match Textile

Color professionals in dyehouse labs and production environments for textile dyers, printers, fiber blenders and dyestuff/auxiliaries manufacturers rely on Datacolor Match Textile to optimize color recipes and improve efficiencies.

Match Textile integrates color formulation with production dyeing and improves re-dyeing accuracy by calculating batch corrections for off-share production. The self-learning system captures proven product results to constantly improve recipe quality and the predefined and easily applicable match settings for specific customers ensures that quality requirements are always achieved.

The extended data exchange and networked color management capabilities streamline the color development process and allow easy sharing of data sets and existing recipes between locations with the centralized control of digital master standards ensures best practices are maintained.

Leave less room for error and match with confidence using Datacolor’s color matching software.

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Reduce your color matching frustrations with Match Textile

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Match with Confidence Using Datacolor’s Match Textile Software

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