Benchtop Spectrophotometers

Datacolor 200: The Affordable Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Designed to help customers achieve color on a budget, the Datacolor 200 family of products feature a compact, modern design that is easy-to-install and easy-to-use.

This affordable benchtop spectrophotometer family comes in two models:

  • The Datacolor 200M enables textiles, paint & coatings, and plastics manufacturers to meet their formulation and product quality goals by providing precise color measurements that correlate with other Datacolor sphere instruments.
  • The Datacolor 200R is designed specifically for the retail paint environment with a compact footprint to save counter space and significantly reduced calibration frequency to enable high uptime to better serve your customers.

Top Datacolor 200 Details:

  • Maximized workspace with a compact footprint and an integrated drawer that holds the black trap, calibration tiles, and the USB memory stick.
  • Simplified instrument installation with all required set-up data preloaded.
  • Increased measurement confidence: Service LED alerts you to deviations in calibration, indicating that your instrument may require service.
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Any sophisticated piece of equipment requires routine maintenance and specific conditions to perform at its optimal level. Read this guide Spectrophotometer Best Practices for Accurate Measurements | Datacolor and download the paper for more detailed information.

To provide accurate data, your spectrophotometer needs to be well-maintained. This includes calibrating it daily, at the start of a shift, or before beginning any important measurement job. Here’s what you need to know about calibration tiles: How to Store, Use and Clean Your Calibration Tiles | Datacolor

Please follow this instructions to install new calibration data for older instruments.

If you have a failure on the green tile, then please check the following items.

  1. Clean the green tile with a soft paper tissue
  2. Check the green tile for scratches.
  3. Clean also the white tile with a soft paper tissue.
  4. Check on the calibration screen of the software which aperture is selected.
  5. Now verify that the same aperture is on the instrument.
  6. If that is correct recalibrate the instrument.
  7. If you still have a failure, call your Datacolor representative

Make sure all manufactures are turned on/selected in the Paint 2 configuration menu.

Achieve color on budget with Datacolor 200M

Simplicity + quality

Datacolor 200M spectrophotometer captures the true spectral fingerprint of any color with high repeatability resulting in greater consistency in product quality. When combined with Datacolor formulation or quality control software, the instrument enables manufacturers to achieve greater efficiencies in their production process

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Reduce mistints with Datacolor 200R

Lab grade accuracy

Datacolor 200R combined with Datacolor Paint software enables the same high quality custom matching capability at the retail counter as in the paint laboratory, saving you time and money with reduced color corrections. Automatic gloss detection enables determination of sample sheen to ensure perfect color formulation for both flat and textured samples.

Talk to a color expert today to see if the Datacolor 200R is a good fit for your paint department.

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Measure Confidently with Datacolor 200

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