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Portable Spectrophotometer for Color Measurement on the Go

Datacolor’s color spectrophotometer helps you achieve accurate color measurement with portable convenience.

Obtain Accuracy and Convenience with a Portable Spectrophotometer

Get accurate color measurement wherever your samples are.

Digitally capture color with portable color spectrophotometers designed for high accuracy and maximum convenience. Measure and check color on the go, simplify your workflows, and reduce inefficiencies.

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Greater Accessibility

Can’t bring the sample to you because of location or size? Confidently measure unique samples anywhere and perform on the spot quality checks with this handheld color spectrophotometer

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Precision Performance

Capture the spectral data of color with the click of a button, communicate easily with bluetooth connection, and simplify workflow with bi-directional data exchange.

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Consistency Across Supply Chain

Produce color consistently with high inter instrument agreement (IIA) with Datacolor benchtop instruments.

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Compare Products

Not sure where to begin?

Use our Portable Spectrophotometer Comparison Tool to see the specifications of each tool in an easy-to-view format.

Compare All Portable Color Spectrophotometers

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“With this product, Audi can precisely measure and control color and gloss in a single convenient operation. The design and measuring technologies guarantee consistent results even with measurements over longer periods.”

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Deliver Accurate Color Data Anywhere

Portable color control for wherever you need it.

On the manufacturing floor or at your customer’s site? When you can’t get the sample to your lab or workbench, count on the Datacolor Portable Spectrophotometers for color matching to provide accurate color data.

Many portable spectrophotometers provide similar levels of accuracy and laboratory-grade capabilities as benchtop instruments, but with the added benefit of mobility. This is especially useful for quality control during production or ensuring color coordination across product lines.

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Portable Spectrophotometers Deliver Flexible Color Precision

Get color accuracy with our portable spectrophotometers for color matching. Talk to a color expert today to find the right portable devices for your business.

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