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Color and Gloss: 45 Family

Designed for inspection and control of total color appearance, the Datacolor 45 portable spectrophotometers are ideal for manufacturers of retail hardgoods, automotive components, large appliances, consumer electronics with plastic components, painted surfaces and coil coatings.

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If matching color across different materials that have been sourced from different suppliers is a challenge for you, then the Datacolor 45 portable spectrophotometer is your solution. Designed to reliably capture true spectral fingerprints of any color, the Datacolor 45 instruments are easy to learn and easy to use, giving you complete color appearance control even in the most demanding industries.

There are two models:

  • The Datacolor 45S provides color control for close correlation to visual color assessment and comes with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that provides reliable results for up to 2000 measurements
  • The Datacolor 45G with additional built-in 60° gloss meter that enables simultaneous measurement of color and gloss with high repeatability

Top Datacolor 45 Portable Spectrophotometer Details:

  • Achieve excellent repeatability on highly textured material with a unique optical system that provides uniform circumferential illumination without any shadowing effect while minimizing the need for additional rotational measurements  
  • Increase consistency with the unit’s calibration stand that also serves as a measurement stand for precise calibration and consistent measurements irrespective of the operator or the measurement site
  • Reduce product mismatch with the Datacolor 45G’s ability to measure color and 60o gloss simultaneously
  • Improve efficiency with the intuitive user interface and onboard functionality that is easy to learn and use 
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Inter-instrument agreement refers to how close two or more color measurement instruments (spectrophotometers) of similar model read the same color. Read all about it here: Why should you care about Inter-Instrument Agreement? | Datacolor

Color rendition, flare, constancy/inconstancy, and metamerism are descriptions of how objects’ apparent color evaluation, both visually and numerically, can change with a change in the conditions of evaluation. Read more here.

Any sophisticated piece of equipment requires routine maintenance and specific conditions to perform at its optimal level. Read this guide Spectrophotometer Best Practices for Accurate Measurements | Datacolor and download the paper for more detailed information.

Use Cases

Control color appearance confidently 

Consistent and accurate correlation to visual assessment

The sleek, low profile design of the Datacolor 45 instrument makes it ideal for usage in hard to access locations such as automotive dashboards. This instrument is easy to learn and use in the lab or on the shop floor. Features include a large, color LCD screen with intuitive user interface and extensive onboarding functionality, measurement buttons on either side of the device that allow for left or right-handed dexterity, 1-click continuous sample measurement, and Bluetooth/USB connectivity. It is an easy-to-use quality control tool thanks to the pass/fail indicator on the LCD display.

Integrated with Datacolor Tools quality control software, the Datacolor 45 portable spectrophotometer can seamlessly transfer data via Bluetooth or USB connection to simplify your quality control workflow.

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Datacolor 45G on auto leather seat

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Easy to learn and use, the Datacolor 45G provides complete appearance control.

Discover how the 45G can help you control color confidently. 

“With this product, Audi can precisely measure and control color and gloss in a single convenient operation. The design and measuring technologies guarantee consistent results even with measurements over longer periods.”


Gloss and Color Measurement: What You Need to Know

Many physical factors affect the way we see the color of objects. One of these factors is gloss. But do you know how to measure gloss—and why it can be challenging?

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Datacolor 45G portable spectrophotometer measuring glossy plastic

Control color appearance confidently with the Datacolor 45 from anywhere

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