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Digital colour management in the age of online retail

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This article originally appeared in Just-Style and was written by Leonie Barrie. 

Digital Color Management in the Age of Online Retail

Digital colour management is helping apparel companies keep pace with e-commerce and increasing demand for speed to market.

Digital colour management solutions help apparel brands streamline the production process by reducing time, cost and waste, without sacrificing quality, writes Lisa Beck, Product Manager at Datacolor.

We are living in the “Amazon Era,” an age where consumers strongly prefer online retail over in-store shopping. They know what they want and expect instant gratification.

Shoppers’ interest in e-commerce and the fast delivery of new and exciting products has only been amplified by the social distancing restrictions put in place during Covid-19. Although restrictions may be lifting in certain parts of the world, these elevated expectations remain.

To meet rising demand for innovation and fast turnaround, the apparel industry has taken a more strategic approach to purchasing – shifting away from traditional seasons towards on-demand production of targeted items. This means brands are under increased pressure to make the right products.

To stay relevant, apparel companies have become more conscious of their product assortment choices, doing smaller buys up front to test the market or shifting product assortments to meet new consumer needs. For example, when the pandemic normalised remote work, many apparel brands saw and accommodated rising demand for athleisure as the need for formal attire decreased.

The events of the past year have sharpened apparel professionals’ focus on agility and efficiency. While colour matching has always been a key consideration for brands and manufacturers, pandemic-fuelled changes to the industry raise the question of whether apparel companies have implemented the right colour management processes to keep pace….

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