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Match Pigment 4 Feature Spotlight: Product Line Maintenance for Retail Paint

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If you work in the retail paint industry, achieving the right color is crucial—not just for you, but for your customers, too. That’s why we built Product Line Maintenance into our Match Pigment software. Below, we’ll talk about what this feature does and how it can help you get products out the door faster.

Creating a Built-For-You Matching Tool

Product Line Maintenance gives you the power to utilize your lab’s expertise and experience and assemble a powerful matching tool that works for your business. Capabilities of Product Line Maintenance include:

  1. Creating product lines that have multiple bases
  2. Organizing by base priority to ensure the right matches are paired with the correct bases
  3. Organizing by colorant priority to use preferred colorants
  4. Prioritizing or eliminating colorant combinations based on component capability
  5. The ability to clone existing product lines

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Improvements in Match Pigment 4

If you’re already a Match Pigment user, you might be familiar with Product Line Maintenance. But there are several new features in the latest edition of our software that make this feature even easier to manage. These include:

  1. A new user interface design for a more streamlined workflow
  2. Easier data entry thanks to the ability to edit the grid format
  3. Minimum and maximum modes for volume percentage, weight percentage and amount
  4. Quick search filters

Complete Control Beyond the Match Pigment Platform

The ability to create and manage retail product lines is a key advantage of Match Pigment. But the benefits of Product Line Maintenance don’t stop there. Paint manufacturers can also generate databases for use in Datacolor Paint—our retail software. Having complete control over your process eliminates third-party constraints, which means you can get your products to market faster.

Having complete control of your product lines is just another way Datacolor’s Match Pigment can save you time and money.

For more information on Match Pigment 4 and to request a demo, go to datacolor.com/matchpigment.

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