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Thank you for registering – Datacolor Match Pigment Plus Tools 3-Day Hands-on Course

Datacolor Match Pigment and Spectro 1000X
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Essentials of Color Management (1 Day, 2023 Available Dates: January 30;  April 17; June 26; October 9)

Course Outline:

Computer Color Matching

  • The history of computer color matching
  • An overview of the optical models used to build colorant sets

Datacolor Match Pigment: Ingredients and Colorants

  • Product launch, Data Navigator, and user interface
  • Data interface between Match Pigment and Tools
  • Explanation of ingredients and colorant sets
  • Enter ingredients in Ingredient Maintenance program for use in colorant set
  • Creating a colorant set
  • Store, calibrate, evaluate and save colorants
  • Overview of colorant set maintenance

Datacolor Match Pigment: Matching and Correcting

  • Explain the concept and design of Formula Central matching program
  • Working with job templates (Use, Create, Modify)
  • Match Jobs: Formula Grid, Ingredient Selection, and Multi-Formula Spreadsheet Displays
  • Working with Job Pages & Matching Tools
  • Job preferences, Formula Central setups, and defaults
  • Batch Correction
    – Automatic adds and reformulations
    – User manual adds and colorant optimization
    – Discuss performance factors
  • Formula storage
  • Detailed overview of Smart Match
  • Recycles, Ingredient Properties (Keywords)
  • Global Settings: User and System Admin
  • Import/Export

Datacolor TOOLS (1/2 Day)

  • Explanation of Data Navigator and handling of data
  • Discuss the concept, design, and purpose of Tools desktop. Explain the use of button ribbons and menus
  • Use of forms/templates and TOOLS Desktop Explorer
  • Instrument calibration and options
  • Measurement of standards and batches to the desktop using the instrument
  • Review alternate data input methods
  • Storing and retrieval of standards to data folders and the creation of folders
  • Storing and retrieval of batches
  • Evaluation of output data
    – How to select and the effect of the Illuminant/Observer
    – Discussion of flare and metamerism
    – Explanation of available color spaces (CMC, CIE, FMC-II)
  • Analysis of all available plots
  • Establishing and setting pass/fail tolerances
  • Import/export using the QTX function
  • System setups and defaults
  • Setting of standard and batch defaults
  • User admin & customization

2023 Available Dates: January 31-Feb 2;  April 18-20; June 27-29; October 10-12


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