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Datacolor User Training Course


Datacolor’s practical introduction to color science and technology combines color theory with real-world application to give attendees a reliable foundation of winning strategies to manage color processes. Want to explore the art and science of color step by step? This course will give you the key tools and insights for success in managing color. Learn the simple ideas behind the language of color technology. Gain the skills to make effective color decisions easily and communicate them efficiently. See how to avoid common color mistakes and take-home techniques you can put to work immediately – to start getting the color results you want.

Designed for anyone involved in the color supply or decision chain, whether you’re a user of digital color technology or purely visual evaluation, you’ll learn:

  • Foundations of color science
  • Color coordinates and color differences
  • Tolerances CIElab, CMC, CIE2000
  • Measurement technology and geometry (D/8, 45/0,…)
  • To recognize and avoid common color mistakes
  • To compare different surfaces, textures, and materials
  • To make descriptions that get the color you want
  • To design color for more manufacturable products
  • Visual and instrumental agreement (and why you might not want it.)
  • Colorimetric acronyms (what to use and to avoid)
  • How to compare raw material strengths (and when not to)
  • Make digital standards that actually work
  • Metamerism (What it is, isn’t, and when to embrace it)

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