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Datacolor is critical to my success in serving my customers. I believe loyalty is earned and over the years Datacolor has earned mine! Thank you Datacolor.

Eva-Marie Roberts

I have been using Datacolor since 2007. Over the years the database functionality as well as the attention and priority that I have received from Datacolor’s technician Crystal Cox is why I am a loyal Datacolor user.

The paint department I manage is extremely high volume and our needs and opinions have always been heard and whenever possible changes or adjustments have been made to accommodate my specific paint database management needs. Crystal has even worked directly with my Hero technician to provide me the ability to dispense from both the new and older Datacolor software systems simultaneously to my tinting machine.

The wide range of brands that Datacolor’s database supports helps me service my customers who use products across brands in one place. The database provides many pieces of valuable information like color names. sheen and brand. as well as where it was used. My customers love that they can come in later and we can tell them what color they used and what brand and sheen the paint was so they can easily get more for touchup. repainting or just as a reference for the brand they preferred.

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