Huamei Thread Significantly Improves Production Efficiency Using Datacolor Solutions

“This dispenser system is widely used in laboratories to deliver accurate and stable dyeing. Combined with our JDE production system, the Datacolor Laboratory system can display the color data of five batches on the dyeing sheet. During new production, the color quality can be directly reflected on the dyeing sheet, greatly improving our production efficiency.”

Cao Xiaolin, dyeing factory manager |Huamei Thread

As a professional sewing solution supplier for textile products, the company has developed a highly automated color management process with Datacolor’s color management solution.

Consumers see a wide variety of products in window displays, but they only buy the product with the most desirable color and texture. When you deliver the right color, you win the attention of the customer, and gain entry into the market. This is especially true for fast-moving consumer goods such as clothing and household items.

Color is of particular importance for the thread making industry, as thread making is essential to the final textile product. In color control, modern thread making companies have long abandoned the traditional method of visual inspection, and adopted professional color measuring instruments and digital color
databases to achieve fast, accurate and convenient color management.

Huamei Thread Company Limited, a Sino-US joint venture headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, is co-founded by the world’s thread giant American & Efird and a publicly listed Chinese company. As a professional sewing solution supplier for textile products, it boasts two renowned brands, “A&E” and “Dunhuang,” in the sewing industry. The company has developed a highly automated color management process with Datacolor’s color management solution.

“At present, Huamei Thread has used Datacolor’s products in many processes, especially for color quality control and sample preparation.” Cao Xiaolin, dyeing factory manager.

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Datacolor Autolab

Confidence in color quality control and sample preparation

Let’s take the frequently occurring laboratory color proofing process as an example. If the color difference between the sample and the standard is determined by taking the sample card as the standard, the result will be affected by many uncontrollable human factors, such as the lighting environment, the age of the person doing the evaluation, and their degree of experience.

The Datacolor 800 spectrophotometer features embedded processors and data storage. It can deliver reference-grade precision to allow for greater confidence in measurement results.

With the Datacolor 800 spectrophotometer, Huamei Thread’s color office can deliver fast and accurate color matching to meet customer requirements, and make prototypes and prepare recipes faster than ever.


Efficiency gain in lab dyeing

Laboratory dyeing is an essential process in textile or thread making enterprises. Before going to bulk production, the gray cloth needs to be sent to the laboratory to develop lab dips and create bulk recipes. Formulating the standard color requires a variety of solution configurations and ensuring that the concentration is just right. Featuring a dyeing cup with high safety, Datacolor AutoLab®, a special dispenser system for laboratory dyeing, can dispense various viscous solutions with flexibility while maintaining high temperature stability.

According to Huamei Thread, in addition to highly accurate color matching, the system is also very easy to use. Even employees without a high level of technical knowledge can output a recipe on the first shot.

In laboratory operations, Huamei Thread also uses the Datacolor Ahiba laboratory dispenser.

As an international company, Huamei Thread has manufacturing centers in 23 countries and distribution centers in 77 countries, selling products in more than 100 countries. Huamei Thread continues to expand to broader markets and receive a higher product reputation through modern management.

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