Tonghui Transforms to an Intelligent Production Process

Implementing Color Solutions for Precision, Accuracy, and Efficiency.

Improving the Production Chain

Zhejiang Tonghui Textile Co., Ltd. is a 41-year-old company with a proud history of providing knitted fabric production that includes dyeing, printing, and functional finishing. Their two main areas of focus are: warp knitting home textile fabrics and weft knitted garment fabrics.  

In recent years, Tonghui Textile has committed to transforming their production chain. By partnering with Datacolor, they sought to build intelligent control systems and implement information integration platforms for the entire knitting processes to improve efficiency.


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Datacolor is not just an equipment manufacture, but also a solution provider, anticipating their customer’s needs and delivering the right solution. I’m very pleased with the partnership.”

Shen Yichao

Partnering for Success

Since 2018, Tonghui has purchased three Datacolor AUTOLAB Laboratory Dispenser systems, one after another.

During the initial purchase phase, frankly speaking, the Datacolor price was slightly higher than other brands we compared, and we had some concern about the installation and maintenance of imported equipment,” explains Yichao. “But in reality, the instruments are reliable. Other than basic normal maintenance, we have not encountered any issues. So, our operating expenses were much less than expected.”   

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Precision, Accuracy and Efficiency

Recipe accuracy and repeatability are crucial for textile companies like Tonghui. Thankfully, Datacolor AUTOLAB® Laboratory Dispenser systems quickly and automatically dispense dye recipes with precise accuracy, therefore greatly increasing business efficiency. 

Chen Yibo, Vice President of Tonghui Research Institute and Director of Intelligent Control Center, commented, “The Datacolor dripper has a syringe on top of each bottle so there is no possibility of cross-contamination. Additionally, there is a Mettler electronic scale for metering confirmation when dripping, which further ensures high precision, accuracy and efficiency.”  


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Datacolor Spectro 700

Incorporating a Spectrophotometer

In addition to Datacolor’s Autolab, Tonghui uses the Datacolor 800 benchtop spectrophotometer and supporting Datacolor Match Textile color matching system. These systems provide the strict control over color data that the company requires.  

With reference-grade level measurement accuracy, the Datacolor 800 spectrophotometer helps companies obtain high-precision color data and communicate it digitally while maintaining consistency throughout the production process.  

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“The ease of operation of the equipment is a huge benefit to us, especially the color matching system. We were able to reduce the number of proofs to nearly 1.5 times for each color.

Chen Yibo

The Future

Looking into the future, Tonghui is committed to building a green and intelligent enterprise. To realize this vision, the next step is to complete the intelligent transformation of the whole industry chain based on data.

Datacolor, as its partner, will be deeply engaged in the field of color management, providing Tonghui with applicable solutions and accompanying them along the way. 

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Commitment to Color Solutions

For more than 50 years, Datacolor has been dedicated to the research and development of color management-related products, and earlier this year launched its new flagship product, the Datacolor Spectro 1000 series spectrophotometer, which adds networking and temperature measurement functions to the Datacolor 800 series, completing the product line while providing customers with more choices.

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