Yangtse Spinning Leverages Full Suite of Datacolor Solutions for Intelligent Printing and Dyeing System

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Zhangjiagang Yangtse Spinning Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture located in the Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone. As a production base established in China by Südwolle Group, a large producer of worsted yarns, it boasts advanced equipment and technology and plays an important role in the international spinning industry.

Traditionally in the textile printing and dyeing industry, color evaluation is left to employees’ eyesight alone and color control mainly relies on the physical transfer of information between people. This results in an inability to respond quickly to production requests.

This presents a clear opportunity for digital color management.

However, as the most traditional field of color application, the textile printing and dyeing industry has stringent requirements for fabric color in terms of measurement, evaluation, recipe prediction and control, as well as digital management of product quality. These challenges need to be solved by enterprises that want to achieve a digitalized production process.

When a textile enterprise wants to transition to a digital approach to production, they must implement a full suite of intelligent printing and dyeing control systems. This includes not just basic systems such as an Enterprise Resource Planning management system, dye matching system and central color control system, but also a color management system.

This final component is where Datacolor was able to help Yangtse. We collaborated to build an intelligent system for coupling design and production. This includes color matching software and equipment supported by Datacolor’s professional color management knowledge.

Throughout the design and production coupling process, Datacolor’s color management system played a pivotal role. For example, Datacolor’s Autolab machine can automatically dispense dyestuff based on a designed recipe. With a wide range of solution bottle options, it can dispense a variety of viscous solutions that are suitable for applications from exhaust and continuous dyeing to textile printing. viscous solutions that are suitable for applications from exhaust and continuous dyeing to textile printing.

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Beyond this, significant increases in first-shot color match rates are achieved by using Datacolor Match Textile software paired with the Datacolor 800 spectrophotometer. After colors are matched successfully, they are then sent for dyeing. All of this is connected to Yangtse’s central control system for real time interaction with the dyeing process.

Finally, Yangtse spinning uses the lab dyeing machine, Datacolor Ahiba IR, to support dyeing and testing requirements in its laboratories. A dyeing test is conducted after color measurement and matching to ensure the accuracy of the dyeing process.

Color measurement and matching is the basis for digital color management in today’s textile printing and dyeing industry. It can greatly shorten the time from design to production, and reduce the time and material cost caused by multiple dyeing tests. Datacolor’s spectrophotometers and color matching software enable simultaneous measurement and color matching, which can shorten the time spent on measurement and color matching by up to 50%, and opens the way for significant improvements in production capacity.

Today, consumers are facing an increasing variety of buying options. To beat the market, enterprises must gain popularity and stand out from the rest. This is particularly true with the increasingly high personalization requirements in the textile printing and dyeing industry. Datacolor solutions help Yangtse spinning continue to stay competitive in the market thanks to both professional color knowledge and the right technology

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